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I am doing my own pro points weightwatchers style diet the moment and I am sort of just losing a couple of pound this last three weeks.
I cant step up exercise anymore cos of pain but just continue to be more active as I am doing now.
Is this okay for me?
Maybe it will be a longer lasting weight loss if it takes longer and isnt sudden.

@ 2:01pm ET on May 9, 2012 1 lb per week is totally fine! Many experts recommend a healthy weight loss rate of 1-2 lbs/ week, so you are spot on! Don't forget that 1 lb loss is progress! One pound closer to your goal! Keep it up!!! :)
@ 6:28pm ET on May 9, 2012 One pound a week is awesome because it's gradual and you are apt to keep the weight off. I'm not a fan of Biggest Loser because they put all the emphasis on losing big numbers every week and then contestants are left with all this loose skin and feeling like failures cuz they didn't lose 15lbs (crazy) sorry I went off topic. Congratulations on the weight loss :D =^.^=
@ 8:07pm ET on May 11, 2012 Congrats on your weight loss! It sounds like you are doing great!
@ 3:27pm ET on May 15, 2012 Thanks girls that helps me feel motivated about the way Im doing it - x
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