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If you have been looking for a weight loss plan that is tailored to your lifestyle, Diet.com's Premium Membership Diet Plan is your answer!

How will this weight loss plan differ from others? We find out what matters to you - what your goals are, where you are in your weight loss journey, and how your lifestyle will impact your particular plan.

Meal Plans:diet plan

We have eight (yes, 8!) different 4-week meal plans for you to choose from, each with your choice of calorie level. These meal plans were designed by our registered dietitian, and allow you to find the best plan suited for you. You can view 3-day samples of ALL of our meal plans at any time by clicking on the Diet Plan tab, and selecting Meal Plans.

Here's some information about each of our new meal plans, so you can choose the one that fits your lifestyle:

Diet Meal Plan: You want to eat healthy, but figuring out what to eat on your own isn't always easy. Diet.com's Diet Meal Plan will help you plan your healthy eating routine, by outlining a 4-week menu using easy-to-prepare and tasty foods that make sense for your lifestyle. Our Diet Meal Plan is perfect for the calorie-conscious dieter who wants to learn basic healthy eating strategies.

Vegetarian Meal Plan: Not eating meat? No problem! Diet.com's Vegetarian Meal Plan will help those who prefer meatless meals stay on track with a diet plan that fits your lifestyle. This Vegetarian Meal Plan will focus on ensuring that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs, while you follow a healthy meat-free diet.

Gluten Free Meal Plan: If you've decided that a gluten free diet is the best choice for you and your health, you can still eat well without feeling deprived! For the weight-conscious gluten free eater, Diet.com's Gluten Free Meal Plan offers the best of both worlds: Eat the foods that taste good and make you feel good - inside and out!

Pescatarian Meal Plan: Living a mostly-meatless lifestyle, but still eating fish? Our registered dietitians have put together an otherwise totally vegetarian meal plan that still leaves wiggle room for nutrient-packed seafood. Enjoy Diet.com's Pescatarian Meal Plan if you're watching your weight... and your meat intake!

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