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Kim's outreach to students

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Hey every one I am Kim and I just finished my first year at Brock university for a BA in community health sciences. This year I lived in residence in a townhouse so I had a kitchen but for the convenience I was alway running to the cafe For fatty foods like breAded chicken burgers and poitine. I was a victim to the freshman 15 ..... More like 20 . I made a lot of mistakes like not making my own food and going to the cafe and not making healthy choices at the cafe. It was only the last few weeks of class I started taking advantage of the indoor running track and healthier choices. I have started my journey to loose my freshman 20 and a little more and keep it off while in residence again next year. I want to show people it's not hard to eat healthy while in school and on residence. This summer I am landscapping Monday through Fridays and work at Tim hortons on weekends. I have vowed to bring lunches to work especially Tim hortons and stop the late night ratting. I've also joined the gym for the 4 month summer I have with a few friends for support. As of right now I weigh 169 lbs standing at 5'6 and my goal weight is 145. Any helpful hints on lunches I can bring to work and snacks ? Thanks for reading I'll check back next week

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