For the past 27 years, Leslie has been showing people that our bodies are made to move. With her boundless energy and enthusiasm, Leslie teaches people of all ages and sizes how to get fit, stay fit, and feel better about life, simply by walking. She is a frequent face on QVC where she promotes her line of best-selling videos, books and products.

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Walk Away The Pounds!

by Leslie Sansone, Fitness professional
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People who are fit are not just magically fit, they have to work to keep their fit bodies. Here are a few things that fit people do that can help you become a fit person, too!

1. Sleep and wake up naturally in the morning
Fit people fall asleep easily at night because they make sure they are active during the day. They also can wake up naturally in the morning without the use of an alarm clock because they put their bodies on a schedule.

5 Things Fit People Do2. Exercise in the morning
Fit people normally exercise in the morning because it will help make them feel energized and powerful all throughout the day! They always make sure exercising is on their schedule, rather than trying to fit exercise in sometime during the day, they know when they will exercise.

3. Use positive self-talk
Instead of saying they are "fat" or "lazy," they workout and say things like they are "strong" and "powerful." Being positive will help them feel strong, and therefore they work hard and will get the strong body the want.

4. Rebound from setbacks
A fit person will occasional slip up and miss a workout, or eat a piece of cake, but instead of beating themselves up about it, they just go back to their schedule the next day. They won't let one setback ruin all the hard work they have put in to get their fit body.

5. Set and accomplish goals
Fit people set realistic goals, and keep them in mind as they train. They will keep working hard towards this goal until they achieve it, and then they set a new one. For example, their goal could be to go down a dress size, and then once they achieve that, their new goal could be to train for a marathon.

Start doing these things; and you will become a fit person too!

Leslie is the creator of the original Walk at Home program. She produced more than 100 popular DVDs, several successful infomercials in the U.S. and Great Britain, and has written four fitness books. Leslie has been called on by the President's Council on Physical Fitness, the PA Governor's Council, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and TOPS. For more information, go to her website WalkatHome.com.

@ 8:10pm ET on June 12, 2008
I love doing my cardio in the morning, I perform at my best then and enjoy my day more knowing that it's done. Otherwise it hangs over me all day like a dark cloud. Thanks for the great tips!!

@ 7:46am ET on June 13, 2008
You could apply these principles to almost anything and have success! I find if I don't do whatever it is that needs to be done in the morning, I end up saying, 'forget it.' I've transitioned myself into a morning person and feel better overall for it. Thank you for these tips though, simple and helpful.

@ 10:38am ET on June 13, 2008
I love doing your 3 mile power walk in the morning before work. It revs up my whole day. I then am on my feet all day at work and when i come home i do it all over again. I am finding that its less hard on my feet then walking a few miles outside.
My upper legs are getting stronger and i feel great. Now i need to buy your 5 mile walk. You are my new best friend Leslie. I am telling everyone about this DVD. Its Awesome.

@ 7:53pm ET on June 13, 2008
Uh yeah and i just made you richer cause i bought 3 new dvds off your site and also some accessories for it. Cant wait to get em.

@ 3:35pm ET on April 22, 2010
I have been working out to these videos for years and can testify they work...but you have continue using them not to re-gain...I just started working out AGAIN a week ago.....So here's to getting back on the wagon.

@ 9:32pm ET on April 23, 2010
this is really good advise. im going to start this right away.

@ 1:33pm ET on November 28, 2011
I know plently of fit people that need an alarm clock and I feel like I do better working out at night.

@ 8:07am ET on July 19, 2012
I also work out when I get home from work,I stand most the day Grooming dogs so when I get home I walk our 4 acres its mostly up hill and my leg mussels are getting powerful.

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