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One day at a time

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Hey guys!!!!!!
I'm ready to start this diet healthy living and exercise blog again. I crossed out diet because if you live with it as a diet rather than a lifestyle, you'll never stick to it. Well in my opinion.

To catch you up: I was working out 4 times a week in October when I started the blog and then my roommate got into an accident and I basically had to take care of her. I barely had anytime for myself and to work out. I then took a break. I started working out again towards the end of February. I started making better food choices. I lost a couple of pounds but as soon as I came home from school, it all went downhill. I had no space to workout (I used Nike+ workouts) and also there was no gym to retreat to and also there were so many food distractions in my house. Also my life hasn't been the happiest between little disappointments and fails lately, I've been finding myself not so happy and not with the best positive motivation for myself.

So here I am a month in a half later, ready to start back over and start again. Fresh page, clean slate. Done with excuses. So ready to just be my positive healthy self. I know my goal and I'm ready. I don't want anything to get in my way. I've learned a lot but lately this week it's been about putting what I need first and helping myself out and also keeping people in my life with my best interest in heart

Alright I need some shut eye: 7 to 8 hours for a better life

@ 3:34pm ET on July 10, 2012 Good luck!!! Your pic looks gorgeous :)
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