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So this morning I weighed myself, hoping I'd be down to 189.8, as I was at 190.6 the other day.

But nooo... 190.0! LOL! Shoot :)

Seems so weird to soon be able to say, "I weigh less than 190lbs." Because that hasn't been true for a very long time (despite what my driver's license says). Every pound further away from 200 I get, the more confident I become that I will never see that number on the scale again.

And that feels nice to know. :)

I have a birth control appointment on July 2 with the same doctor who delivered my baby in December. I was last in there in January for my 6 week checkup, and was down by 30lbs from the day I delivered. I am now down 50lbs since the day I delivered - 20lbs since the last time I was into his office - and I can't wait to hear what my doctor says about it! :D Getting compliments from friends and family is nice... getting compliments from a doctor is even better! haha :)

On that note - I have eaten like a complete pig today. I'm going to top the day off with some ice cream, and then go to bed. I think having exponentially don't-even-bother-trying-to-track-calories-today days are good for a person. I think days like today make the rest of the days, where I am conscious of everything I eat, much easier and in the long run, I think it keeps any cravings under control. I do this maybe once a month? And last time I had a day like this, I got on the scale the next day (to check the damage) and was down by half a pound! LOL! But I will be resisting the scale tomorrow.

Hope everybody has a happy Thursday!

@ 9:08am ET on June 26, 2012
Congratulations Rachel - not easy losing baby fat - i know cos it took me 12 years - lol!!

@ 11:16am ET on June 27, 2012
So how did the doctor react?!!

Continued congrats on your weight loss - 50 lbs since you had the baby... That's just so awesome! Super proud of you Rachel!

@ 4:25pm ET on June 27, 2012
LOL Peachy... I agree! It takes some commitment, for sure! The hardest part is staying motivated when you just want to sit on the couch and snuggle with the kids. But that doesn't really do any of us any good, so I try to stay up and active!

Bailey, My appointment is on Monday, so I haven't gotten his reaction yet. ;)

I feel like superwoman! AND Parker just started crawling this week, so once he gets fast at it, I'll be even more active, chasing him down all the time (while working double time to keep all unsafe smallish items off the floor/out of his mouth)! I'm not really very sure that I need structured exercise in my life right now... two boys keep me busy-busy! :)

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