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I once lost 25 lbs with the help of this site back in 2007/2008. I got down to my lowest weight of 155 lbs. In the last four years, I have let myself go. I have let stress run my life and effect how I eat. I completely stopped working out and gained 103 lbs. I'm now at my heaviest 258 lbs. I'm very uncomfortable. I don't recognize myself anymore.
I turn 30 in January, and I want to start a new chapter in my life. A healthy and fresh start to my weight. I need the help and support that this site gives!


@ 7:33am ET on May 9, 2012 Hi Dana, so glad you're back and blogging. Oh yes, stress is a sidetracker. I know this sound cliche, however, I find even a little bit of exercise helps my stress. Like today, I walked around my house outside one time, I didn't want to walk around the house but the stress that my kids didn't bring in the garbage container and recycling bins after asking them a bunch of times, hubby is travelling...again, dishes stacked grrrrr... well I saw 2 bunnies! Got so excited, now I want to walk around the house again tomorrow and can't wait to see more bunnies or whatever. I need motivation as well, we will reach our goals together. =^.^=
@ 12:12pm ET on May 9, 2012 Hi! That is so funny about the bunnies..lol I have them all over my yard as well..my dog Jozi goes nuts over them..hehe I now have a 1 year old beagle mix and a 5 month old daschund mix. I need to start walking them each night when the weather is good. They would love it and I would get a good workout..lol
@ 1:48pm ET on May 9, 2012 I'm planning to walk around the house tomorrow and then ride my bike before the hot and muggy sets in for the day. There's a good motivator right there to walk the puppies! Have fun! =^.^=
@ 6:06pm ET on May 17, 2012 Dana, so glad to see you again! Your blog sounds a lot like me! It seems like I've been back to this site may times and my weight has fluctuated up and down. I, too, turned 30 this year (in February) and for the past couple of years have wanted to start a family, but my weight has held me back. Before I got married in 2005, I was under 140 lbs. and at my heaviest, was 217.4. I'm soooo sick of putting off having a family because I can't stand the thought of gaining even more weight. So, I'm on my way to slimming down a bit and hopefully that will help me not gain as much during my pregnancy. Let's commit to this and get healthy again! We can do it! ~Sara :o)
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