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My Journey

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Ok, Star Wars reference over... but seriously I just recently realized that one reason I got so behind was because I found myself in a small comfort zone in how I looked even though I hadn't hit my goal. I started getting around 149 and staying around there and then quit working as hard.

I got on the scale today and saw that I'm back up to 152... I freaked a little bit and have started really trying to make more of an effort. While my current eating habits can't fully be fixed at this point due to, well, as usual the lack of money. I can still make more of an effort to stay active. Last night after I finished my 20 minute Zumba workout, I put on Pandora so I could jog in place (since I don't have a treadmill) and the funny thing was, I only actually jogged for about a minute or two. For some reason I just started dancing around and improv-ing my own little workout with my two pound weights. I actually came up with some really good routines for two rap songs. I did the routines again today after my Zumba workout and whew I'm worn out!

Hopefully I can really get back into it and start seeing results again. I've started to even feel a bit chunkier than normal. It's been driving me crazy. And if I don't start doing anything about it, I'm never going to reach 140-145 before my audition on June 16th!!!

Anyway, hopefully everyone is having a decent week thus far!

Later days!

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