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That is probably spelled incorrectly but I have hit it! it has been 2 weeks and I haven't lost a thing. I don't know what to do!!! I have tried different workout, paying more attention to my calories and still nothing. HELP!!!!

@ 9:53am ET on March 4, 2009 Sometimes your body just gets confused by a new lifestyle - keep at it! Also make sure you're taking in enough calories to accommodate for your exercise. Your body could think it's starving and retain water weight and calories. On the flip side make sure you're not taking in hidden calories. Ketchup, butter, cheese, etc... those are all things that tend to accidentally sneak up on me!
@ 2:48pm ET on March 4, 2009 It is plateau- they definitely can be frustrating but stick with it and it will come off! Take EllsBells' advice, count everything you are eating and make sure your deficit isn't more than 1000. You can do it!
@ 3:38pm ET on March 4, 2009 Don't be disheartened, it may just be a temporary plateau - we all hit them from time to time.

EllsBells makes some good points. Also, make sure you drink plenty of water too, as this helps your body to burn the fat.
@ 8:12pm ET on March 4, 2009 Thank you all, I am really going to push myself to get moving!!!
@ 5:39am ET on March 5, 2009 see the first step is to realizing that it is in fact just a temporary plateau and that it will pass! just mix up your work outs a little that might help! im on a plateau too and they suck but keep up your work and it will all pay off! :)
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