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New to the Community
posted @ 11:23am ET on January 25, 2015
by charbiss

Hi, My name is Char. I just joined the community and am hoping to lose 40 pounds with everyone's support. Journaling in a blog seems like a good ...

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Blog: Char Lean
Once more I do this
posted @ 1:35pm ET on January 23, 2015
by 10thmuse

I fell off the eating healthy walking and tracking my steps and going to the gym. It all went to crap in December and to be honest I haven't gotten ...

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Tired today
posted @ 8:59am ET on January 21, 2015
by tstoneall

Last night I got home from work late, but got dinner made, laundry folded, homework corrected and kitchen cleaned. I will confess I did not work out. ...

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Blog: Tracey's Journey Blog
the road to slimville
posted @ 3:24pm ET on January 20, 2015
by mavner10

Today I am down 2 more pounds, the road is getting straighter and I can almost see the town of Slimville.

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posted @ 8:52am ET on January 20, 2015
by tstoneall

Here is a challenge for those of us who are weight conscious and trying to cook healthy. This month I have been cooking at home and curbing the ...

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Blog: Tracey's Journey Blog
posted @ 2:36pm ET on January 19, 2015
by mavner10

I am sitting here watching the a show and the Duchess of York Fergie is on trying to promote her diet that is as I read on-line a scam. Why do ...

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The Saga Continues
posted @ 10:57am ET on January 19, 2015
by mavner10

Since Saturday I am 2 pounds down which is great. My body is starting to feel regular and the road is less bumpy now that I am following the plan ...

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Not happy
posted @ 9:25am ET on January 19, 2015
by shawnbay1

Well it's January 19 2015 and hear we go again. I am not happy with my self because I keep falling off the bandwagon!!

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