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How i became healthy
posted @ 7:52pm ET on May 27, 2015
by weightlossqueen90

I didn't know about sites like this when i was trying to lose weight! i struggled most of my life with weight i was over 200 lbs at one point which ...

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Blog: Helping others like me
Love that dirty water
posted @ 12:59am ET on May 26, 2015
by arcticmom

Guess who's going to Boston? I'm so excited, 2 whole weeks with family. I am also nervous because I need to stay on track. I have to plan what to ...

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Blog: Fall down 7 times get up 8.
That is alllol
posted @ 5:26pm ET on May 22, 2015
by ~Smile~

I.. Broke 190 !!!! Checked it out today...and I'm sitting at 189.3 !!!!! That is all :-) thank you :-)

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Blog: Bring It On...
One day at a time.
posted @ 2:47pm ET on May 20, 2015
by q4halos

I am getting back on track. It's been tough. I haven't been perfect. That's ok. I never will be. I am trying to concentrate on little things. ...

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Blog: Q's Time to get serious
posted @ 1:27pm ET on May 18, 2015
by q4halos

I am in need of motivation. I have been having a tough time. I had lost 72 pounds in a year. I started May 2013 and lost the weight by June 2014. My ...

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Blog: Q's Time to get serious
New mom and breastfeeding still feeling gorgeous
posted @ 5:57pm ET on May 11, 2015
by AndradaT

Hi, everyone! I'm a proud mom of a 4 months baby girl. I need to loose some weight and still be healthy and strong. I am on an almost vegan diet. ...

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Blog: new mom taking a life changing diet
about losing weight
posted @ 3:53pm ET on April 28, 2015
by kekerahim@yahoo.com

I need to get in good shape cause I want to feel more comfortable with it

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Blog: iam shakiyla Starr rahim
How Do You Get Rid of Water Weight?
posted @ 2:24pm ET on April 12, 2015
by Songbirdcaon

One of the hardest things for me is being able to stand on a scale. The reason is because I have stage 3-lipolymphedema (see previous post) and ...

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Blog: Facts About Lipedema
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