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I'm going to be ok!
posted @ 11:39am ET on August 3, 2015
by Zoey.qazxsw

Hi All, I've been trying to get back on track since my company left on Friday. The house is full of left overs of all kinds. Today is the first ...

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Blog: Zoey's Journey One Step at a Time
Five years ago last month.
posted @ 7:21am ET on August 2, 2015
by zurda

Hi there! It's been five years ago on July that I reached my weight goal and since then I have continued to exercise regularly and be careful of the ...

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Blog: Got there!
What have I done ?
posted @ 2:29am ET on August 2, 2015
by tallia6508

It's been a while since I've been in here. Actually 4 months and in that time I have crashed .I know I have been eating all the wrong things , and ...

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Blog: The never ending story
Do you want to lose 10 pounds in 2 days?
posted @ 10:22am ET on August 1, 2015
by SGow1973

My old weighing scales has been showing that I weigh 67 kg for the past year or so. DH and daughter were skeptical. They insist that the old one may ...

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Blog: Sheela's Weightloss Corner
Back to healthy changes
posted @ 3:24am ET on August 1, 2015
by tstoneall

I've been away from the site for a while because work has been crazy busy and lets face it sometimes life just happens. As usual I stop thinking of ...

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Blog: Tracey's Journey Blog
Can you explain this to me?
posted @ 12:30pm ET on July 31, 2015
by SGow1973

For months I have worked out at a steady pace. Swimming for an hour and walking everyday for nearly an hour. My weighing machine needle did not budge ...

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Blog: Sheela's Weightloss Corner
Welcome to Day 5
posted @ 8:29am ET on July 31, 2015
by kimbux

Today is Day 5 of the attack phase. I am happy to say that I am down 4.5 lbs and the only thing I am really missing is my glass of wine at the end of ...

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Blog: Kim's Place
I've made up my mind to succeed this time.
posted @ 6:35am ET on July 31, 2015
by Zoey.qazxsw

Friday July 31, 2015 Hi Fellow Dieter's, I hope everyone has a stellar day! My company just left for the airport. Now, I can rest a little. ...

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Blog: Zoey's Journey One Step at a Time
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