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about losing weight
posted @ 3:53pm ET on April 28, 2015
by kekerahim@yahoo.com

I need to get in good shape cause I want to feel more comfortable with it

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Blog: iam shakiyla Starr rahim
Weight loss and fitness-my personal routine
posted @ 8:59am ET on April 16, 2015
by hurged

In our busy schedule, it is very difficult for us to maintain our healthy weight. In such days, it is also very difficult to reduce weight. We have ...

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Blog: Steve Alerts
How Do You Get Rid of Water Weight?
posted @ 2:24pm ET on April 12, 2015
by Songbirdcaon

One of the hardest things for me is being able to stand on a scale. The reason is because I have stage 3-lipolymphedema (see previous post) and ...

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Blog: Facts About Lipedema
Getting Thru Day 1--Grocery Aisles
posted @ 11:50am ET on April 10, 2015
by Bookfiend

I am prettyt proud of myself--I managed not to go off my program for Day 1--and for this seconmd Day, I actually went to the store and got lots and ...

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Blog: Bookfiend's Blog-A-Log
Day 1--Offical Beginning
posted @ 11:15am ET on April 9, 2015
by Bookfiend

Well, I got thru Breakfast;I am resolved to take this journey one meal,and one day at a time in order not to drive myself loco,lol. Seriously, a ...

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Blog: Bookfiend's Blog-A-Log
Beginning Again
posted @ 9:29pm ET on April 8, 2015
by Bookfiend

I rejoined tonight because if I don't start to lose weight now I never will--lately with alot of financial stress I am eating everything I should not ...

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Blog: Bookfiend's Blog-A-Log
My New Beginning-No Diet, Diet
posted @ 11:59am ET on April 7, 2015
by Snoopydog

Why am I here? Because I need to keep motivated. Reading and relating to the struggles of other dieters, helps my focus and determination to ...

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Blog: My Journey
Eyes open...Positive changes...
posted @ 8:00pm ET on April 5, 2015
by ~Smile~

Well, I still dont log in often lol, got irritated with my phone when trying to post here :( So.. I'm holding still between 193 and 204 :( ...

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Blog: Brighter Days Ahead... ~
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