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Lose Weight and Keep It Off: A 20-Second Exercise
posted @ 6:00am ET on June 29, 2015
by RosaSmith

Weight loss requires a concentrated effort. What typically happens is people make massive changes until they lose weight. Once they reach their goal, ...

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Blog: Mind Over Platter
putting the fork down
posted @ 8:05pm ET on June 26, 2015
by abcfaith

Well, today is the day. I haven't put down the fork, however, I am ready. First set back, I wanted to use the personality piece of the weight ...

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Blog: Starting Again..:)
The Secret Successful Slimmers Share
posted @ 6:00am ET on June 22, 2015
by DrDiet

"Move more!" A recommendation typical of health professionals who profess such action will help you beat the battle of the bulge. But just how much ...

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Blog: Diet Talk from the Doc
Double Your Results: Quick Fix for Your Workouts!
posted @ 6:00am ET on June 22, 2015
by Stephen Cabral

Today I want to share with you a quick tip on how you can at least DOUBLE YOUR RESULTS while you're working out! Don't be fooled by many of those ...

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Blog: Fit Life with Stephen Cabral
Donít Let Fear Stall Your Weight Loss
posted @ 6:00am ET on June 15, 2015
by JohnMc

Fear can paralyze us... preventing us from accomplishing our dreams. And that includes our dream to lose the extra weight and live a happier, ...

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Blog: Weekly Diet News Digest
Garbage In, Garbage Out
posted @ 6:00am ET on June 8, 2015
by Laura Stack

If you keep telling yourself you don't have the time to eat properly, you're shooting yourself in the foot, energy-wise. Balanced meals and ...

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Blog: The Exhaustion Cure
Dropping the Plus
posted @ 6:00am ET on May 25, 2015
by Ajay Rochester

The whole world knows I have struggled with a range of eating disorders my entire life... or - to be EXACT - a single eating disorder that manifests ...

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Blog: Ajay Rochester has Been There Done Fat ô
Top Slimming Secret (& Why Women Shy Away from It)
posted @ 6:00am ET on May 25, 2015
by FitnessExpertKatrina

Is it true that if I do resistance training my muscles will get bigger? I don't want to get bulky and I already have a bigger boned looking body. I ...

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Blog: Fitness Expert Katrina
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