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Hello world!
posted @ 1:03pm ET on March 27, 2015
by jrozansk

Hi everyone! I suppose we all have to start somewhere, right? I'm doing this because...why the hell not. I feel like I've tried everything else. ...

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Blog: Julie's Journey to Health and Happiness
Change Your Autopilot
posted @ 9:00am ET on January 28, 2015
by RosaSmith

Years ago I read the book Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. I agree with him that our thoughts have the ability to change our lives. He uses the ...

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Blog: Mind Over Platter
Pre Day One
posted @ 11:18pm ET on January 11, 2015
by violinvixen22

Okie dokie so here's the scoop: I am starting the beginning of the rest of my life tomorrow. A new chapter. Went and bought fresh veggies lean meats ...

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Blog: Violinvixen's New Album of Life
Starting out Fresh!!!
posted @ 11:25pm ET on January 6, 2015
by nicolerasool

Starting over again!! Well, I'm at it again. Here's a brief history of my weight loss journey. I've always been a little on the chunky side, ...

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Blog: Nicole's Diet Blog
Are You Beginning To Look A Lot Like Santa?
posted @ 6:00am ET on December 22, 2014
by JohnMc

I don't want to be the Grinch who stole Christmas dinner, but we have to ask: Just when did holidays like Hanukkah and Christmas morph from messages ...

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Blog: Weekly Diet News Digest
Playing Mrs. Claus
posted @ 12:11am ET on November 25, 2014
by jknape

My husband and I are dressing up as Santa and Mrs. Claus for his office Christmas party. I got a short Mrs. Claus dress and that has been very good ...

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Blog: Jody's lifestyle change
A new start
posted @ 1:47am ET on November 7, 2014
by pennymarie

Hi guys well I just found this site in hoping I can get some motivation to help me lose some weight .... not sure how this really works but thanks ...

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Blog: pennymarie
Burn Fat Fast with Interval Training
posted @ 6:00am ET on November 3, 2014
by Stephen Cabral

Today I want to show you how you can get huge benefits from short intense workouts and really turn your fat burning up a notch! What you can ...

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Blog: Fit Life with Stephen Cabral
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