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Here I go again....
posted @ 2:45pm ET on September 22, 2014
by bluecafe

Once again I find myself on a "new diet". I have sucessfully lost a significant amount of weight only to regain it twice. It seems I only know two ...

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Blog: If only you knew
Week #1
posted @ 1:29am ET on July 16, 2014
by Middle Aged

I have always told myself that it's best to start a diet or life style change on a Monday. My thought process around this was that it's the ...

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Blog: Over the Hill
Top 5 Motivators for Lasting Weight Loss
posted @ 10:00am ET on April 24, 2014
by JuliaHavey

Many people think that motivation is an elusive and mystical thing and that while essential to losing weight it's intangible and difficult to grasp ...

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Blog: Vice Busting with Julia Havey
posted @ 9:09am ET on April 21, 2014
by tstoneall

I am a yoyo diet person. I do well for months then things get hectic and out of control and I lose my motivation and determination. This year has ...

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Blog: Tracey's Journey Blog
posted @ 10:02pm ET on March 31, 2014
by arcticmom

Our cat had kittens! My gifts for winning the WLC arrived! I stopped Crossfit and now going to a gym. Even though I said I would never join a gym ...

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Blog: Fall down 7 times get up 8.
Rain or Shine, Get on Your Grind!
posted @ 11:24am ET on March 29, 2014
by brils347

Yesterday I had a mild amount of success! I promised myself that I would eat healthy the rest of the day after writing my blog, and sure enough I ...

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Blog: The Endless Battle with Sugar
I like to learn things the hard way.
posted @ 1:22pm ET on March 12, 2014
by lissaddy

Nicotine addiction VS Food addiction...what's the difference??? I have not smoked since 02/18/2014. Not a cigarette, not a puff, NADA, ZERO, ...

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Blog: Kendra's thoughts
New Year's 2014 Weight Loss Challenge Winners!!!
posted @ 6:00am ET on March 3, 2014
by CSL-Bailey

Helllloooooo Diet.com members and Weight Loss Challengers! I'm so excited to finally announce the WINNERS of our 2014 New Year's Weight Loss ...

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Blog: CSL-Chat!
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