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PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2006 10:02 pm    Post subject: Switching The Focus - What We Can Gain Reply with quote

We all talk about losing losing losing...
"Help! I need to lose >insert number here< pounds!"

Why don't we think about what we want to GAIN instead of stressing about losing? Such as:
Cool Work on "gaining" a visibly tighter butt
Very Happy Work on "gaining" a collection of clean foods in our kitchens
Razz Work on "gaining" stronger muscles by doing strength exercises, with
as heavy weights as we can, while maintaining proper form.
Razz Work on "gaining" new exercises for our routines
Wink Work on "gaining" more knowledge about nutrition & exercise
Exclamation Work on "gaining" these things as priority...no matter what life may throw our way
etc., etc., etc.

If we shift the focus from the numbers on a scale, to health & fitness, we WILL be more successful. And those numbers, on the scale, WILL come down slowly but surely...no if's/and's/but's about it!!!

I know, some of us are in a hurry to lose weight. And sure, we can lose weight very quickly, if all we care about is numbers. We can lose X lbs just in time for that wedding/reunioun/party/vacation etc.
But if its too quick...its not going to be much of a fat-loss...and we really won't look or feel all that much better...and it very unlikely that we'll keep it off.

Focusing on making "gains" instead of losses will:
Very Happy improve our physiques
Surprised increase our energy levels
Razz take the fat off & keep it off!!!!
Very Happy and help us "gain" a whole spectrum of other positive benefits

Plus its less stressfull and and a heck-of-a-lot more fun!
Oh..and by the way..yes, I did have over 100 lbs of fat to lose...but very happy to report that I've already taken off half of it!!!
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