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PostPosted: Fri Mar 13, 2009 10:40 pm    Post subject: Fluctuation Frustration.. Reply with quote

Well, last time i weighed in i was 141...now i'm at 151!!! ugh.. i have gained ten pounds, instead of losing.. I binge, binge, binge because of stress and depression, and i can't seem to stop! My hubby is stick thin so he can't help much, and my friend that is overweight moved further away, plus she's not much motivation anymore like she used to be, because she just doesn't seem to care anymore about losing weight like she used to. She diets and eats well,but i dunno, not much motivation. When we get together, all she talks about is the game we play online, and that's our biggest problem!! when i come home from work or on my one day off, i wanna sit on my butt and play on teh computer... ugh, it's frustrating. that's what i do with my life because i have no one to get out into the world with to get away from teh computer. and when i get stressed or bored, i eat too much. i was doing ok for a while, but then it just went down hill again. i bought a new ab roller, some 2 pound weights, and an exercise ball. the motivation to use them is just not there half the time. i guess i can't do things alone i suppose. anyway, i have only myself to blame and i can't keep making excuses for myself, but sometimes i can't help it. I think i'm the biggest procrastinator on this entire website, and it's frustrating.. i just did some exercises a few minutes ago, some ab stuff and arm stuff and squats..i guess that's better than doing nothing. is anyone else going through a fluctuation wave right now??? what do i do????
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