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I am Brooke, and I am new to have 136 pounds to lose. I currently weigh 266 at 5'6". I have tried just about every diet out there, except one that really works for me. I tend to be an emotional that holds me back. I am married to a wonderful man, and we have a two year-old daughter. I am looking for support and friendship from others in my same situation (100+ to lose)...part of my issue is that I really carry weight well (I know that doesn't seem like an issue.) so my family and friends are like, "oh you look fine." AHHHHHHHHHHH that is not helping...thank you, but it does not help to enable me. Even my doctor, who I have been going to since childhood, told me that "I am extremely healthy just overweight." Some people might not get what I am saying and think that I am whining for no reason. It is difficult to lose weight when those around you do not see the problem. Also, since I am healthy...I do not qualify for any sort of medical help (i.e. surgery or pills) I have been steadying gaining weight for the last 7 yrs, and I want to get it under control so that my health is not affected. I want to be able to still be healthy when I have grandchildren. I know that some may not understand where I am coming from, but I pray that at least a few can relate. Hope to get to know you all.

P.S. I just ate a piece of candy while writing this...can we see a problem there? Embarassed
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