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Over the past two years I have made lots of change in my life. Lost a few special peoples in my life, meet the most amazing persons shared a year of my life with him last September he moved away to a different continent. He has helped me a lot over the past tow years he is my best friend and so much more. He has made me realized that things are not always about looks, not everyone will like me, that it’s acceptable to not be perfect. He also has played a big part of my life in the sense that he was the first person to accept me for my heart. He never tried to change me.

Over the past two year I lost 70pds I was size 42 and today I’m 34, and 210 down from 280. I did not do things the smart way. Lots of chemicals and things to help with the fat loss, it got so bad that I got sick and ended up in the hospital. To make things more complex I accepted myself (gay) and got myself in to a lot more problems because of the gay life style. Living the gay way, I guess what I mean is having to look a way. Slim, blond, tall, Hot… and so it goes on. Now that my hearth is back and I’m out of the hospital and I have accepted many of these factors in my life, I would like to start a health life style.

I live at home and this makes things a bit more complicated. I depend on someone to cook my meals and most of the time I end up not eating or eating late because I feel what the food that was cooked was to fat or something like that… Just a few weeks ago I run in to my ex girl friend (don’t ask ) at the mall and she lost so much weight, that made me think about myself… So I’m here and ready to do this, but I want to do it right this time around.

Please feel free to help out and share your experience with me. Post your thoughts on how I can go about doing this. I know that I have one buddy that is very excited about my dedication to this new chapter in my life. My dog  he will go for runs walks and bike rides with me everyday… so guys what can you suggest?

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