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PostPosted: Thu Aug 21, 2008 2:56 am    Post subject: Busy Days = Careful Dieting Reply with quote

I'm so glad that I've come to realize that busy days only mean that I must plan my meals with care. I have to think of me first and take care of everthing else when I can. I had a good day today.

Breakfast: Cereal
Lunch: Tomato Bisque Soup (1cup)
Dinner: Baked Chicken Breast & Green Beans

Drinks: Water, Water, Water & 1 8oz cup Unsweet Tea (it's not that bad Smile

Did anyone else have a busy day and was able to stay focused?

"Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another."
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 12:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Stown.... Sharing busy day schedules and food items is a great idea for all. What an excellent idea to share body improvement ideas...


Every one of my days are busy. Too busy. Currently work 8 hours a day, must do some sort of daily yard maintenance activities and must help look after our oldest son - who is both physicially & mentally disabled (who needs 24/7 care). Luckily, my wife is a "proactive" planner who takes care of her entire family (including me).

For a typical Mon/Friday "work day", my daily tasks and meal items are:

Morning time:
- Wake up and take my Vit C, Vit D, baby asprin and my one heart med. Wash that down with 1 cup of 50% diluted coffee (black with No sugar). Weather permitting, I do 15 mile peddle bike ride or 45 minutes on my TM (if weather is bad). This little food intake (sort of speaking) and exercise "activates" my stomach. After exercise, I then have my "friendly food plate" breakfast. For me, breakfast is 1 slice of Whole Wheat toast with some almund butter (which is like peanut butter). I then wash my breakfast down with 1 cup of 50% diluted coffee (black with no sugar). This combo of food and diluted coffee doesn't drive my Diabetes "too nuts". Thus, why I call it my "friendly food plate".

Lunch time:
- For noon, I'll have 1/2 tuna or salmon sandwich and 1 cup of normal "low salt" soup (with max of 4 unsalted crackers). Have that with black or green tea (black with no sugar). Or, I might split a chineese lunch plate with my wife. Brown rice, veggies and 1 egg roll. No breaded chicken balls - due to their carb overloads. Or, I might have 1/2 a tomato sandwich with 1 cup of "low salt" soup (with max of 4 unsalted crackers). Sandwich bread is whole wheat and whole wheat crackers as well. These different food plates are friendly of my diabetes as well. I wait approx 10-15 minutes, then do some exercises. For example: 15 Mile peddle bike ride, 45 minutes on TM or jog 3 times around my small village block (while carrying 3 lbs hand weights in each hand). Exercise after a meal always drives my BS (Blood Sugar) levels back down into normal range.

Snack time:
- For afternoon & evening snacks, I'll have some low carb veggies. For different flavor, I'll sometimes add peanut butter spread. For example: 4 x celery sticks with peanut butter spread. yum, yum. After snacking, I do some skipping rope jumping (for 15 minutes), or 300-400 steps on my stepper machine or 15 minutes of shadow boxing.

Dinner time:
- For dinner, my wife will make me some unbreaded / unskinned chicken, 60% of my plate is low carb veggies, some hard boiled eggs or 1/3 of my plate is whole wheat pasta. Or, some brown rice. Regardless of the exact food item, 60% plate is "low carb" veggies and 40% plate is mix of meat, protien or "slow release" carb items - like WW pasta.

After dinner:
- For after dinner time, I then do an exercise with my kids. We do some driveway basket ball, some roller blading, some peddle bike riding or some other "exercise base" task. Or, we might do some sailing classes - to obtain our sailing certifications. The other night my son & I were roller blading before sailing class and my right skate popped a wheel. I limped back to our vehicle and we both slipped on our running shoes. Then, we jogged our remaining 30 minutes time.

Special food items:
- Approx 9:00 PM every night, I'll have 1 red apple (to keep my GERD under control) and 1 glass of red wine. The RED wine thins my blood, and does other great things to a body. Yes, 1 glass of red wine was ordered by my diabetes doctor.

Before Bed time:
- Just before bed time (around 12-1 AM), I jog 5 miles. I like jogging in the light rain the best. If weather is really bad, I'll do another 45 minutes session on my TM. 3.2 mph "speed walk" at 5% incline while waving 3 lbs hand weights in each hand. Thus, building upper and lower body at the same time. This jogging is used to lower my BS (Blood Sugar) - so my body won't toss/turn all night long (due to blood sugar levels being too high).

When attending business training (on course) or in a hotel on business trips, I walk up/down the hotel's stairs. For example: 12 flights of stairs up/down for 45 minutes. Or, do an hour of swimming in their pool - if their pool is large enough. Or, do 5 mile nightly jog - if they have bright street lights around the hotel area.

The above is my "average" Mon-Friday routine. To control my Diabetes, I always focus on "better eating" (like low carb, low salt / sodium and low fats / grease) food items and 45+ minutes of exercise after every meal. And, also do 45+ minutes of exercise before bed time - to allow my body to obtain a sound sleep rythum.

Hopefully, some of these exercise tasks &/or better eating ideas help your body as well. For my diabetec body, I've dropped 45 lbs (since last Feb 2008) and my health numbers (like BP, body weight ratio, hbA1C, cholesterol, etc. etc.) are now equal and in some cases, "better" then the average person. All because of better eating and exercising...

Hope this helps others... Others who want to improve their overall health as well (regardless of how busy their day is, or how busy they allow it to be).

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