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With so many different diets floating around you may feel overwhelmed in deciding which one - if any - is right for you and your weight loss goals.

Here we're shining the spotlight on some of the most popular diet trends, so you can be fully informed before you decide which diet plan is right for you. Get the facts about popular fad diets as well as the scientific claims behind some of the most highly searched diets out there today. Before you decide to follow a popular diet, read up on it here!

Dont see your diet listed here? Browse our full Encyclopedia of Diets for informative entries about hundreds of different diets.

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    3-Day Diet
    3-Hour Diet
    Abs Diet
    Atkins Diet
    Bob Green
    Carb Addict
    Dash Diet
    Dean Ornish
    Dr. Oz
    Dr. Phil
    Dukan Diet
    Fast Diet
    G-Free Diet
    HCG Diet
    Low-Fat Diet
    Sexy in 6
    Sonoma Diet
    Subway Diet
    TLC Diet
    Trim Kids
    Warrior Diet
    Zone Diet

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