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Your health is important to you - and to your loved ones! In our health blogs, you'll find articles about a wide range of health topics - from how to grocery shop for your family to how to get the best sleep to keep you feeling your best. These blogs, written by a variety of health and fitness experts, can help you learn how to be your healthiest you!

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Julia Havey is a woman very much like you. She’s a wife, mother, church volunteer, room mom, carpool driver, ...

alicia k
Alicia is an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer and a Weight & Lifestyle Management ...

Dr. Jamy Ard
Jamy D. Ard, M.D. is an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Nutrition Sciences and Medicine at the ...

Fitness Experts Whitney and Byron
Certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor & Nutrition Counselor, Whitney Cole is your triple-threat in the fight against fat! Exercise ...

Dr. Aaron Tabor, MD is the author of Dr. Tabor's Slim & Beautiful Diet and FIGHT NOW: Eat & Live Proactively Against ...

Ajay Rochester
Ajay Rochester hosted the Biggest Loser Australia for four years. She is a best selling author of 5 books on ...

Recent Health Blogs
The Flexitarian Diet
Posted @ 10:00am ET on April 17, 2008
Blog: Diet Talk from the Doc
By DrDiet
While dieters debate as to the best food choices for healthy weight loss, researchers have uncovered the best diet to stop heart attacks and strokes. A new study that followed 88,000 healthy women for almost 25 years found that women who followed a diet ...
What Makes A Successful Dieter?
Posted @ 12:00am ET on April 15, 2008
Blog: Diet Talk from the Doc
By DrDiet
Knowing what research says about successful dieters and knowing how dieters measure their own success are very different things. As a weight loss expert, I know the research well: successful dieters are those who are able to lose 10 % of their body ...
Sexy In 6: Get A Hot Body In Minutes!
Posted @ 12:00am ET on April 14, 2008
Blog: Weekly Diet News Digest
By JohnMc
Fitness pro Tracey Mallett is a busy mom who found she didn’t have time for the long daily workouts she needed to keep her sexy shape. So Tracey tinkered with shorter, workouts until she perfected her “Sexy in 6” routine. Are you willing to invest six ...
Danger Down Under: Outback Cheesefries
Posted @ 1:21pm ET on April 12, 2008
Blog: Mr. Bad Food
By MrBadFood
Mr. Bad Food has made a living out of hunting down the Worst Foods in America. My belly is living proof that I eat what I kill… well, I eat the foods that I kill in print anyway. I have never had the Steakhouse Aussie Cheese Fries with Ranch Dressing at ...
Freaky Food Fact: Potato Chips
Posted @ 1:12pm ET on April 12, 2008
Blog: Mr. Bad Food
By MrBadFood
A chip off the old rich blockhead! Potato chips were invented in 1853 at a fashionable resort in Saratoga Springs, New York, when railroad magnate Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt complained his fried potatoes were too thick and sent them back to the ...
Freaky Food Facts: Nuts To You!
Posted @ 10:52am ET on April 9, 2008
Blog: Mr. Bad Food
By MrBadFood
Getting a Raw Deal. Sorry tree-huggers. Odds are those "raw cashews" you're snacking on aren't exactly raw. Before you go nuts and rush out to sue the nut processor chew on this: In its natural state, the cashew packs a poisonous oil. Most vendors label ...
Labeling Cellulite A Disability? Don't Laugh
Posted @ 9:46am ET on April 8, 2008
Blog: Fighting Cellulite: Truths & Myths
By LionelBissoon
by Dr. Lionel Bissoon Author, The Cellulite Cure A disability is defined as something which prohibits one from engaging in normal activities or functions which was previously performed effortlessly. Cellulite fits this definition as it creates ...
Hall of Shame: Dad's Deadly Cheese Dip
Posted @ 9:09am ET on April 8, 2008
Blog: Mr. Bad Food
By MrBadFood
My dad makes this every football game, holiday... well, everytime we get a group of people together it is there too. We just call it "dad's cheese dip". It consists of 2 blocks Monterrey jack cheese, 1 block pepperjack, and a can of chili no beans (Hormel ...
The Buzz On Energy Drinks
Posted @ 12:00am ET on April 8, 2008
Blog: Diet Talk from the Doc
By DrDiet
“Wake up and smell the coffee” has given way to “stay awake and chug the energy drink!” Millions of us energize our morning routines with a “cup of joe” in an effort to stay awake and boost alertness. A growing number of energy starved individuals ...
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