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Dieting doesn't have to be scary. Our diet experts are here to help you figure out what to eat and how what you eat affects your whole body! In our diet blogs - written by diet, nutrition, fitness and motivation experts - you'll learn more about a healthy diet, what to eat, and how to stay on track with your healthy eating.

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Tracey Mallett
Tracey Mallett is an internationally recognized expert in the fitness industry and a popular figure among top ...

With his penchant for bad puns and silly wordplay, The Daily Comic, aka Tee Hee, is a good fit in his role as ...

Tricia Thompson, MS, RD is a nutrition consultant, author and speaker specializing in celiac disease and the ...

Patty James has her Masterís Degree in Nutrition, is a Certified Natural Chef and is the Founder of the first ...

Kristina Maury graduated summa cum laude from Howard University in 2007, earning a B.A. in broadcast journalism. ...

alicia k
Alicia is an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer and a Weight & Lifestyle Management ...

Recent Diet Blogs
Mac 'n Cheese Massacre
Posted @ 8:36am ET on April 21, 2008
Blog: Mr. Bad Food
By MrBadFood
I donít know about you but when I think of kid-friendly menu fare I like to think it is somewhat lower in fat and calories than the stick-to-your-ribs-thighs-Ďní-butt grub I too-often order for myself. So when I take my family to an Italian-themed ...
Fitting In Fitness
Posted @ 11:28am ET on April 18, 2008
Blog: Lady Diet
By Lady Diet
This is Lady Diet - the fit, fun and fabulous host of Diet.com's weekly Diet & Fitness Podcast! We live in a fast-paced world. Youíre running around everyday, getting to work, fighting in line for coffee, cooking meals, and making sure your kids are ...
Britney Spears' Workout at Bally's
Posted @ 12:43pm ET on April 17, 2008
Blog: Celebrities and Diet
By Diet Diva
Wow, it's been quite some time since I have last written about a REAL celebrity and their recent weight loss. I'm going to go back to my roots today and give you all an update (sorta) on everyone's favorite train wreck "Britney Spears." Why does everyone ...
The Flexitarian Diet
Posted @ 10:00am ET on April 17, 2008
Blog: Diet Talk from the Doc
By DrDiet
While dieters debate as to the best food choices for healthy weight loss, researchers have uncovered the best diet to stop heart attacks and strokes. A new study that followed 88,000 healthy women for almost 25 years found that women who followed a diet ...
Maggie's Workout Regimen for Biggest Loser Finale
Posted @ 1:20pm ET on April 16, 2008
Blog: Celebrities and Diet
By Diet Diva
Here is our last video that we filmed with Maggie from The Biggest Loser. It goes over what some of the workouts she did in preparation for the season finale of The Biggest Loser. She may not have won but she worked out a ton!
THE BIGGEST LOSER FINALE, Plus Diva's Absence :(
Posted @ 10:35am ET on April 16, 2008
Blog: Celebrities and Diet
By Diet Diva
I apologize to all the wonderful members for not posting as much anymore. It makes me sad but truth be told - no matter when I write my blogs they show up at midnight! It looks like I'm way ahead game ( Go Me! ) but in the end, my blogs just look like ...
Today's 'Toon: Walk The Walk!
Posted @ 9:28am ET on April 16, 2008
Blog: The Daily Comic
By TheDailyComic
We humans are a silly lot. We make grand plans to get fit or lose weight then we fail to do the little things that can help make the process work faster and better. How many times have you circled the lot looking for that up-close parking spot at the mall ...
Today's 'Toon: An Exercise Hang-Up
Posted @ 8:00am ET on April 15, 2008
Blog: The Daily Comic
By TheDailyComic
When I saw today's cartoon, I instantly recalled my days of yore... those times when good intentions for working out gave way to an apartment cluttered with a bulky exercise device. My machine of choice: the Soloflex. They worked well... when you used them. ...
What Makes A Successful Dieter?
Posted @ 12:00am ET on April 15, 2008
Blog: Diet Talk from the Doc
By DrDiet
Knowing what research says about successful dieters and knowing how dieters measure their own success are very different things. As a weight loss expert, I know the research well: successful dieters are those who are able to lose 10 % of their body ...
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