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Dieting doesn't have to be scary. Our diet experts are here to help you figure out what to eat and how what you eat affects your whole body! In our diet blogs - written by diet, nutrition, fitness and motivation experts - you'll learn more about a healthy diet, what to eat, and how to stay on track with your healthy eating.

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Dr. Diet, is here to provide you with the best diet, fitness and nutrition tips and news. As a respected expert ...

Hope Warshaw is a nationally recognized and respected dietitian and diabetes educator who applies more than 25 ...

Wendie Pett, a nationally recognized name in the fitness industry, is passionate about motivating and encouraging ...

chef davis
Executive Chef Michael Davis believes a creative innovation of wholesome foods is the best approach to eating... ...

Melissa Wall
Melissa Wall is a Womens Ab Expert and founder of WomensAbWorkout.com. With over seven years of training and ...

Dr. Aaron Tabor, MD is the author of Dr. Tabor's Slim & Beautiful Diet and FIGHT NOW: Eat & Live Proactively Against ...

Recent Diet Blogs
OUCH! Meet The Accidental Foodist
Posted @ 8:13am ET on April 23, 2008
Blog: Wicked Fun With Food
By SallyKetchum
They say that many catastrophes have silver linings, and I found thatís true of at least some of my misadventures. Misadventures, you say? A famous food writer gets in trouble. Oh, whoa, do I ever! But you see, itís innate. Surely culinary artistry is ...
Can Cellulite Be A Sign of Hypothyroidism?
Posted @ 7:57am ET on April 23, 2008
Blog: Fighting Cellulite: Truths & Myths
By LionelBissoon
Special for Diet.com by Lionel Bissoon Author of The Cellulite Cure Cellulite is a very popular topic for todayís woman. Every major magazine, newspapers and television station has a cellulite story. These stories tend to appear mostly around late ...
Today's 'Toon: Shape Up, Purr-ty Please!
Posted @ 1:59pm ET on April 22, 2008
Blog: The Daily Comic
By TheDailyComic
Motivation to work out and shape up can come from the least-expected places... your pet, for instance. Dogs and cats have a way of making us feel guilty about lying around and doing nothing. Well, not my cats. They seem to love lying around and doing ...
Trimming Portions, Pinching Pennies
Posted @ 12:00am ET on April 22, 2008
Blog: Diet Talk from the Doc
By DrDiet
A downturn in our economy is proving to be good for your waistline. With less people eating out and food prices soaring, restaurant owners are looking for ways to trim the portion sizes they serve without their customers really noticing. As reported ...
Today's 'Toon: Her Diet's Taking Flight
Posted @ 10:14am ET on April 21, 2008
Blog: The Daily Comic
By TheDailyComic
Have you ever lost so much weight and really, really felt so good that it feels like you're walking on air? Me neither... not recently anyway. But the gal in today's 'toon knows what it's like to soar up, up and away with a weight loss plan that works! She ...
A Funny Thing Happened...
Posted @ 9:43am ET on April 21, 2008
Blog: The Daily Comic
By TheDailyComic
For you faithful followers of The Daily Comic, Today's 'Toon and the You Write The Caption Contest: Yours truly, Tee Hee, has been incommunicado for the past several days due to a lovely relocation from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts. Starting with ...
Mac 'n Cheese Massacre
Posted @ 8:36am ET on April 21, 2008
Blog: Mr. Bad Food
By MrBadFood
I donít know about you but when I think of kid-friendly menu fare I like to think it is somewhat lower in fat and calories than the stick-to-your-ribs-thighs-Ďní-butt grub I too-often order for myself. So when I take my family to an Italian-themed ...
Fitting In Fitness
Posted @ 11:28am ET on April 18, 2008
Blog: Lady Diet
By Lady Diet
This is Lady Diet - the fit, fun and fabulous host of Diet.com's weekly Diet & Fitness Podcast! We live in a fast-paced world. Youíre running around everyday, getting to work, fighting in line for coffee, cooking meals, and making sure your kids are ...
Britney Spears' Workout at Bally's
Posted @ 12:43pm ET on April 17, 2008
Blog: Celebrities and Diet
By Diet Diva
Wow, it's been quite some time since I have last written about a REAL celebrity and their recent weight loss. I'm going to go back to my roots today and give you all an update (sorta) on everyone's favorite train wreck "Britney Spears." Why does everyone ...
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