Why do I have to keep loging in every time when I view a page?
Answer:  In order for to remember your login, you must make sure that your browser accepts cookies.

You may also have to empty your temporary internet files cache.  Here’s how you do it:

To confirm that your PC is set to accept cookies

1.      Under the "Tools" menu, click "Internet Options"

2.       Click the "Privacy" tab

3.       Click the "Advanced" button

4.       Put a check mark in the Box for "Override Automatic Cookie Handling"

5.       At the bottom, put another check mark in the "Always accept session cookies"

6.       Click "OK"

*Note: Cookies are accepted automatically in Internet Explorer versions 3.x on PCs. 

To empty your temporary Internet files cache on a PC

Using your mouse:

1.       Right-click theInternet Explorer icon located on your desktop.

2.       Click Properties.

3.       Under “Temporary Internet Files” on the General Tab, click on delete cookies and then click OK.

4.       Click on delete files and make sure the delete all offline content box is checked.

5.       Restart your computer.

To empty your temporary Internet files cache on a Mac using Netscape

Using your mouse:

1.       Click on edit, and point to preferences.

2.       Click on privacy and security, and then click cookies.

3.       Click on manage stored cookies, and then click remove all cookies. Click OK.

4.       On the left margin click Advanced and then click cache.

5.       Click on clear memory cache, and then click clear disk cache.  Click OK.


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