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BrandDoctorKerry Diet Blog

The Skinny On ‘Low-Fat’ Claims

It’s the Catch-22 of dieting. In a desperate attempt to lose weight, you stock your cupboards with low-fat packaged foods. Weeks later your scale is telling you that you’ve GAINED a few pounds. So, ...

May 31, 2010 | Read the entire Blog


Thanks for this info! I am finding that fruit is the best and easiest fast food snack going for me! Give it a wash and its good to go - and no labels to read and analyze and no additional cravings to contend with!

May 19, 2008 | Posted by ollieseh

I agree with the fruit one, and I am loving it so much, it's like a dessert for me. One example I have is honey mustard salad dressing, I was going to buy a reduced fat one and the very first ingredient was high fructose corn syrup!! And it is marketed as healthy!!

May 26, 2008 | Posted by Skini-Mini

Thanks for the article. I agree with the two prior comments. Fruit is always the best snack option. I've heard a well-known doctor advise not to eat too much fruit b/c of the sugar. What's not said is that sugar from fruit is NATURAL, not refined. Secondly, studies show that most Americans do not each the recommended daily allowance for fruits nor veggies, anyway--so I doubt if the millions in these numbers will "OD" on fruits. I eat my 3 servings a day. The author is so right about the low fat thing. I see so many female co workers eating the low fat yogurts in an attempt to lose weight when the ones that they are eating (I won't name them) are very high in refined sugar! I know b/c I use to eat them until about 6 months ago I switched to greek yogurt. Greek yogurt (except Yoplait--don't be fooled) has very low sugar (and its not refined), low carbs--which means it won't have a negative impact on your blood sugar (glucose) and won't cause your blood sugar to yo-you like a see-saw. :-) Great article and thanks for exposing yet another deceptive trick that many food manufacturers are still unfortunately using!

May 31, 2010 | Posted by jcs0103

You don't need to spend extra bucks on flavored so-called Greek yogurt (_real_ Greek yogurt is anything but low fat, and contains no added ingredients--just whole milk and yogurt culture). You can easily make your own non-fat Greek-style yogurt. It's just yogurt that's had the whey drained out of it. Buy any brand of plain non-fat yogurt that is not thickened with pectin, food starch, or gelatin (I prefer Nancy's, but there are others out there). The thickeners change the flavor and texture; they also keep the whey from separating out as easily. Wet a large piece of cheese cloth, wring it out, fold it in several layers and use it to line a large strainer. Make sure you have enough to leave some hanging over the edge of the strainer. Pour the yogurt into the lined strainer, and let it drain over a bowl. Let it sit for several hours, or even overnight. When it has stopped dripping, pick up the corners of the cheesecloth to form a bag-like shape. Twist the bag to squeeze any remaining whey out of the yogurt. Scrap it into a container, and you have Greek yogurt. No added sugar (some lactose may still be present) at all. Flavor it if you wish--fruit, jam, vegetables with a little olive oil, etc.

May 31, 2010 | Posted by jaellison


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