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There are so many diet plans out there today it can be difficult to figure out which is the best fit for you and your unique lifestyle.

Our Diet Plans Comparison Chart makes it easy for you to compare the important attributes of the most popular diet plans available today. Check out our handy, easy-to-scan comparison table, and then make the diet plan choice that's right for you!

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atkins diet

Followers of the Atkins diet plan believe that you can turn your body from a fat-storing machine to a fat-burning machine by choosing foods to maximize your body's fat-burning potential.

Very high protein, very low-carb. A four-phase meal plan, allowing you to tailor your program based on your individual goals.

Very high protein diet may exert too much toxins on the kidneys. This diet plan is high in fat and high in animal foods, with limited carbs. It teaches people to choose calorie dense foods, but this can lead to weight gain and heart disease once the diet is over.

Atkins-created shakes and bars.

south beach diet

The South Beach Diet creators believe they have a diet plan that involves no math. Don't count carbs, cals, fat, etc. Love the food you eat.

With this diet plan, users receive a daily menu. Moderately high protein, moderately low-carb. Based on foods that satisfy hunger. Limit intake of "bad carbs."

A lower caloric diet plan, users may find this hard to follow for an extended time.

Broken into 3 phases: "Eliminate cravings and kick-start weight loss", "lose weight steadily", and "maintain for life".

jenny craig diet

Jenny Craig's diet plan promotes "Food, Body and Mind."

Calorically stringent meal plans focusing on portion sizes.

Food products can become costly.

Three phases to the Jenny Craig diet plan: "A healthy relationship with food", "an active lifestyle", and "a balanced approach to living".

Medifast diet

Medifast's diet plan motto is "One Simple Plan, Everyday."

Restricted caloric intake; portion-controlled; multi-vitamin dietary supplements.

Requires physician supervision.

Generally meant for people with severe weight problems - Not for vanity pounds!

weight watchers diet

If you want to "Stop dieting and start living,"© then you may feel that Weight Watchers is the diet plan for you.

Flex Plan (POINTS© system): Everyday foods are assigned a POINTS© value, based on the item's calories, fat and fiber. Stay within your daily allotted, personalized POINTS© zone to achieve optimal results.

Core Plan: This version of Weight Watchers' diet plan is based on low calories per ounce. Allows you to eat a variety of healthy foods that will keep you full longer. Keeps you full enough that you won't overeat. Mix and match foods, as desired.

Eating meets mathematics.

Local WW meetings.


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