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Celebrity and Diet: Photoshopped Celebs

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Self uses Photoshop To Bulk-up Models

We all know that the covers of MANY magazines are photoshopped. The most recent are blatant example is probably Faith Hill's RedBook cover. Now one of my favorite magazines, Self, is claiming that they retouch their photo's to make their models appear heavier and healthier!

“Retouching should be like wearing light makeup, not to the point where you can’t recognize the girl anymore,” says Self art director Petra Kobayashi. “We retouch to make the models look bigger, healthier.”

Ok, is it me or is this totally contradicting what this magazine claims to believe in? Self promotes a healthy body image, achieved through a healthy diet and exercise. Why can't they just get a model or an athlete that eats and works out? Is it really necessary to get a celebrity who is unrealistically skinny to sell magazines claiming that the celebrity lives a healthy lifestyle when it's all just a bunch of hogwash!? I never believe the workouts or the diets these magazines report, but tI did believe the pictures were real. The media is really turning me into a pessimist these days.

October 8, 2008


Celebrity Drive & Perfectionism Leads to Disorders

Who is the latest celebrity to admit to having an eating disorder? You'll never guess who else she outs!

Sorry I have been MIA for awhile. Things have been super busy for us at Finally it's Friday and I could use a serious long weekend! I am anti-columbus day, but hey, I'll take the day off from work. Any way, here is what you all have missed in celebrities and diet while I've been away.

-Brittney Snow is speaking out about her stint with anorexia in this weeks People magazine. Dropping down to as low at 87 pounds by age 14, Snow is now reaching out to other women with eating disorders. She appears in an educational video for the Jed Foundation, which brings awareness about mental health disorders and suicide in college students. Snow says it makes her upset that people think she is appearing in the video for publicity, which is often what it looks like when celebrities come out admitting a problem like an eating disorder. Here is the paragraph that was most eye opening for me:

The therapist diagnosed me with anorexia, exercise bulimia- instead of throwing up you go to the gym for hours-depression and body dysmorphia. All that, and yet I still had a career! It's shocking how many people in the business have great careers and this too, and don't talk about it. It's that drive and perfectionism.
-People Magazine
I find it interesting that she basically calls out other celebrities who have eating disorders saying, you can have problems, and people notice but still deny and live a successful career. Angelina, anyone?

-Mariah Carey is reporting that she has lost 25 pounds in this weeks Issue of OK! Magazine which I am protesting so I do not know the details. If you have read the article post her "diet and exercise" here. I highly doubt it is acurate, but entertaining none the less. PS I am boycotting OK! because I do not believe that Bridget Moynahan's baby is growing up without a Daddy. As a Tom Brady fanatic, let's be serious here. He is going to love that child, he is just in the middle of his best career start ever. If Bridget lived in Boston, Tom would be with his son everyweek. So while you aren't working Bridget, why don't you move back to your home state where your entire family lives! Stop being selfish and media hungry.

-And finally, please don't click here if you are the sensitive type. Two bloggers acknowleged the fact that eating disorders drive traffic to their website so they decided to try taking Alli even though they did not need it. The two self proclaimed alcohol loving ladies document their experience which may or not make you laugh. I kind of just think they are wasting money and time but whatever. What do you guys think?

October 5, 2008


Are 'Before and After' photo's taken the same day?

If you've ever bought a diet pill, most likely you were first attracted by the before and after pictures plastered all over the ads. If you look closesly at the bottom of the page, there is a message in fine print. It says that results are not typical and that these results were achieved by strict diet and exercise routines. This fine print statement completely contradicts diet pill company claims of no diet or exercise needed to lose weight. It is sneaky but perfectly legal because the fine print is there no matter how well hidden.
This probably comes of no suprise to many of you. On Wednesday, I was in Martha's VIneyard for a shoot with video. I got to meet the Men's Fashion Director of Playboy (who is hilarious, and extremely sincere) and one of the best women's stylists in the industry for photo shoots. While we were chatting over a diet friendly home made meal, the women's stylist made a comment how they take the pictures for the ads the same day, sometimes!

I was in shock. Obviously I already had my hesitations because the before is always a slouched pose, unflattering clothing, no makeup or a smile. The after is always, great hair/makeup, super smiley, super tan and perfect posture. But I couldn't believe that they actually have the nerve to take the photo's the same day!

When I got back, I tried to look for any articles regarding these so called before and after pictures. The only dirt I could dig up was in fact calling them out on the people that are chosen. Of course they aren't Sally Jane who teaches second grade in Oklahoma, but rather body builders during their off season. Apparently these fitness models are even paid to gain weight just to lose it.

Celebrities that claim they lose weight in the tabloids with specific diet, I also think are a bunch of BS. Jessica Simpson for example, I am convinced was paid to endorse the four factor diet. If you look at any of the before and after pictures, she is clearly wearing unflattering pants (high wasted yuckies) with sour puss on her face, then in a cute little outfit, smiling and waving. Valerie Bertinelli has been recently rumored to not be losing any more weight on the Jenny Craig Diet, but WAS recently featured on the cover of People Magazine with Kirstie Alley, looking fabulous. Photoshop anyone? What do you guys think? Deception is an easy persuader to get people to buy your product. Should there be a disclaimer on ads for diet pills that say, "This pill has not been proven to be

August 17, 2007


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