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Celebrity and Diet: Mary Kate Olsen

Maxim Reveals Hot 100, Curves Rule

Maxim Magazine has released its Hot 100 list. The list is chosen based on “the most successful women of the year with undeniable beauty and a promise of greater things to come over the next year.” Looks like we aren’t the demographic they are looking for because the magazine chose Lindsey Lohan as number one this year!

Maybe I’m biased having been one of the only people in America that actually paid to see Georgia Rule this weekend but seriously, Lohan?! On a more positive note, at least she nabbed the top spot at a time in her life that she actually has a little bit of meat on her bones. Yes I agree that she can cause quite a stir in regards to the paparazzi and Hollywood gossip but she is an actress and should be known for her trade. The actress/wanna be singer has not had a box office hit since ‘Mean Girls’ and that was in 2004, three years ago! Now tell me Maxim Magazine, why do you see promise of greater things to come over the next year for the little vixen who seems to be amid a rehab relapse?

Anyway, the others that round out the top ten are Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson, singer Christina Aguilera, actresses Jessica Biel, Ali Larter, Eva Mendes, singer Rihanna, Eva Longoria and singer Fergie. This makes me extremely pleased to see these successful women chosen by men, and you know what… pretty much of them have curvy bodies and love their figures. People Magazine featured most of them in their beautiful people issue under the “Curves Rule” headline. Ironic?

Left off the list were soon to be jail bait Paris Hilton and the crazy maybe legally insane Britney Spears. Ashley Olsen made the cut but sister and recovering anorexic Mary Kate did not. Ashlee Simpson beat out sister Jessica! That must have been a first, oh wait no it’s not, Ashlee has sold WAY more albums than her big sis.

Yeah men pick this list, but if you take a look, I was happy with most of their choices, I haven’t looked to see who all 100 are yet, I will later today, but at first glance (sans Lohan) well done Maxim for letting women know you like a us with a fuller figure.

May 16, 2007


Curvy celebs, the new

Skinny stars are no longer all the rage in Hollywood. Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Jennifer and Hudson have all recently been embraced for their curvaceous bodies and are even gracing the covers of fashion bibles, like Vogue.

In USA Today, there is a great article that illustrates the recent change in attitude towards women who fall short of the size 2.
Says Reed Krakoff, Coach creative director and vice president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America: "We've gone through a period where there has been a lot of focus on women who are too thin. There was a trend toward the very thin, and now there's a trend toward more shapely. People's perception of what's beautiful and acceptable on the red carpet is evolving, and it's great that girls can see different kinds of role models with different body types."

The article also praises America Ferrera, Scarlett Johansson, Liv Tyler and Kate Winslett who earn praise for their fuller figures than the Nicole Richies. These women earn praise from magazines for defying the Hollywood pressure to be stick thin, while Kate Bosworth and Mary Kate Olson are always being questioned with eating disorders.

Jennifer Garner, Eva Mendez and Mandy Moore are also cited in the article for being positive influences in the Industry. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Maybe we are so focused on It girls, and trying to create problems for celebrities who seem to have perfect lives that we obsess about their weight to create the illusion of imperfection. After reading this article, I realized there are a lot of famous actresses who defy the size 0 and 2 image, but why did I ever forget? Here is the link, check it out. What do you think about the article?

Stars carry curves with confidence

February 19, 2007



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