3 Day Diet

What Is The 3 Day Diet?

The 3 Day Diet is a short-term diet plan with 3 regimented meals a day for quick weight loss. Dieters are told to drink four to eight glasses of water or diet soda a day along with the diet. The 3 Day Diet claims to work on a chemical breakdown based on the foods eaten and the amount eaten. It also claims to help dieters lose 10 pounds in the three days of dieting.

What Is The 3 Day Diet Plan?

The main foods encouraged in the 3 Day Diet include tuna, toast, fruit, saltine crackers, black coffee, vegetables, ice cream, and cheese. The diet does not have its own commercial products, but rather promotes general diet food health products. It also allows dieters to add herbs, salt, pepper, lemon, vinegar, Worcestershire, soy sauce, mustard, and ketchup to flavor their foods.

Although the diet foods recommended in the diet are not unhealthy, they do not provide a substantial number of calories, nor do they promote nutritional, well-balanced eating habits. The 3 Day Diet is not restrictive on any one type of food the way the low-carb diet is, but it is very restrictive on calories and food options. In fact, it does not allow any options at all, planning out every food for each meal of the three days. This type of restrictiveness can cause dieters to become easily discouraged and unenthused.

How Does The 3 Day Diet Compare?

These foods are similar to those encouraged in a low-cholesterol diet. In some areas, such as dairy and carbohydrates, however, the diet is too general. When instructing dieters to eat cheese, ice cream, toast, and saltine crackers, there is no reference to low-fat or whole grain, which are important to a healthy diet. A low-cholesterol diet focuses on making sure its foods are as nutritious as possible, while the 3 Day Diet remains generic.

Unlike the Mediterranean Diet, which encourages healthy eating habits for long-term weight loss and maintenance, the 3 Day Diet is meant for only three days, as indicated by its name, for quick weight loss. Dieters are encouraged to eat normal food after the three days, without over-indulging, and then to start the 3 Day Diet again after four days of normal eating. This drastic change of nutrition and portions is unsafe and unhealthy for the body.

The 3 Day Diet does not include any sort of exercise regimen, either. The healthiest and most beneficial diets encourage healthy eating habits for a lifetime, and daily exercise. These diets, including the Abs Diet, help dieters completely change their lifestyle to a healthier and more nutritious one that they can maintain. The 3 Day Diet, however, only focuses on food for a short term and give no mention of exercise, making it difficult and unhealthy for dieters to stick with it for maintained weight loss.

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